Who's Who in Our Zoo

Heavy G


  Heavy G found his passion for music in the 80’s when his aunt bought him and his brother a Def Leppard "cassette" called Hysteria. Looking back, Heavy G (his mother still calls him Gary) swears that they listened to Pour Some Sugar on Me a million times, rewinding it repeatedly until the tape wore out. From that moment on, he related special moments in his life to music. Since then Heavy G has cultivated his production knowledge and capability to unchallenged proficiency and helps others define special moments in their lives on a very large scale. 

Crazy J


  "I was introduced to creativity as a currency supplement, when I was 10 years old. I wanted to be a Pirate. We were not financially well at the time. So my mother (Who still calls me Joshy), put a bandanna on my head, re-configured a sock for an eye patch and then went to work: She put vaseline on my face and then slapped coffee grounds on it. I was the best pirate in my town. Probably the country, but facebook didn't exist then. Neither did selfies for that matter. My imagination took fire and it is still burning planets today!" ~ Crazy J  



Where is J-SON? Oh. He is running cables and sound checks. Please Look Out! He doesn't say excuse me- He just moves around you! He is the GET IT DONE GUY! And, boy does he get it done. If you are talking with him, its because you took off with one of his beloved components and he is there to get it back. Now. 

He has been known to stay up for 24 hours straight to get the event done right drinking only water. He has the biggest heart and loves setting up the big charity events!