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Producing is our playground in the Lankford Media Group. Our Production team deploys state of the art equipment & technology  that scales from small seminar to full concert   for 20,000 person audience; And from 30 second commercials to full feature film. Our Patents include the first delivery of live streaming to mobile devices on the planet.

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Creativity is unlimited in Lankford Media Group. Our content and distribution scales to impact a focused group in a corporate meeting to a global audience with full media hoopla on a local wedding budget. We maximize your budget to carry out your agenda in a legendary way. LMG has created unprecedented content and delivery methods  to audiences globally.

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Everything is an event in the Lankford Media Group. Our formula and capability scales from a 60 second tv news appearance to a 4 Day industry conference in Las Vegas- complete with star-studded concerts and interim entertainment. LPMG can go anywhere in the US to  stage full production or partial contract for every level  of Events.

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